Play Azteca Slots Online at NZ

Isn’t it funny how switching around one detail can change the entire effect and appeal of a situation. For example, replace Harrison Ford as Indian Jones for a foxy actress like Megan Fox, and suddenly you are appealing to a whole new crowd! Well, both men and women will find the female tomb-raider in Azteca absolutely alluring especially once they see the tremendous online casino games jackpots that she brings along with her. If you are up for some treasure hunting in the ancient runes, then check out these online slots now!

Azteca Symbols

If you are looking for an archaeological dig that will certainly produce some exciting finds, then Azteca is a great place to start! You’ll find plenty of gold, jewels and excitement within these walls, and, in addition, some fitting symbols. We’ve got the ancient pyramids with a glowing treasure house mounted on top, some gilded gods with jewels spilling out of every orifice, and the usual snakes and crawling critters that accompany a normal dig. Each of these symbols carries a price tag, and if you line up the right combinations of them, you will earn those just rewards from immediately.

Azteca Extra Features

Aside from the usual sights and sounds you would expect to find during a dig through the sands of time, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for a few more. The golden statues actually do a lot more than give you the hebegebees, they’ll increase your bankroll by loads! This is the bonus symbol, and three of them will reward you with exciting prizes that keep the game thrilling. Don’t look now, but one of those options could amount to a gain of fourteen thousand times your original gain!

The beautiful expedition head will keep things going wild and crazy as ever! Use this wild symbol to make an incomplete set of icons whole for the cash out from our brilliant New-Zealand online casino! There are plenty of ways to win, including the gamble feature that can be accessed whenever you win a round. Choose black or red as the next card, and you might get double what you deserve in earnings! That’s just one of the great ways to win right here, so get busy with Azteca now!