Play Alien Hunter Slots Online at NZ

Alien Hunter is the online slots that gives ET a good name! It’s got all the elements you need for a thrilling chase through the universe in an attempt to bag the bad guys. We’re talking stun guns, spaceships, creepy critters popping up all over the place and a whole lot more! With five reels to spread their loathsome tentacles and twenty-five paylines to make it worth your while, you are going to love this option, so hurry in and try it out now!

Scoring Symbols in Alien Hunter

In addition to a great line up of Martians, Alien Hunter also has specialty online casino games features you’ll enjoy. The wild symbol, which acts like all other symbols except the scatter and bonus ones, appears as a crazy extra-terrestrial. The scatter icon is the spaceship that you’ll use to travel through the stars to find these woe-begotten foes. It will also scatter your brain a little at how awesome and easy it is to score freebies on! Finally, that bonus round we’ve all been waiting for is triggered directly when you collect the creature eggs that will show up periodically. There is a huge advantage to this round, as it delivers big prizes and loads of cash straight to your fingertips!

Dollar Ball Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter is a Dollar Ball bonus game, which means it comes with an amazing side jackpot to win. (As an aside, since this is not part of the regular game, you will have to activate it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for more excitement just because you forgot to flip a switch!) The way it works is that you choose random numbers in the hope that these will be the lucky digits to land you a whopping sum of money. Much like a lottery, the numbers are chosen at random by the machine, and they’re thrown onto the screen during your regular rounds. When the machine-generated numbers match one of your selected numbers, you win the Dollar Ball! It’s a great way to earn extra cash while you are enjoying the fun and excitement of our top notch New-Zealand online casino! So punch in your birthday, anniversary or lucky digits, and see how lucky they really are now!