Play Rocky Scratch Online at NZ

Rocky Scratch is the perfect choice for new and experienced online casino players alike, because it offers simple rules, plenty of action and the chance to snag a payout. Quick to learn and with an easy to follow format, you get to the heart of the fun right away, without getting tied down with complicated rules. Based on the iconic movie starring Sylvester Stallone, it’s also one for movie buffs who like to combine their love of the movies with their love of online casino games.

The rules and how to play

A scratch game with a difference, when you play Rocky Scratch you get to choose an opponent to fight and your winnings are based on the outcome of this match. Instead of a grid, there are three opponents to choose from. With the movie character favourites Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang on offer, you can reminisce as you play, selecting your favourites to battle against in this truly action-packed game.

To play, choose your bet value – this is the amount per round. The value affects your payouts as the more you invest in the game, the higher your potential earnings. You can see the amount up or grabs in the Win Up To section. Click on your choice and watch the movie sequence play out. If Rocky wins, you win, and if you hit the jackpot with a knockout you’ll be rewarded with 5,000x your bet.

An unusual but fun feature of Rocky Scratch is that when your game has finished, you can even scratch the other two panels to see what the outcome would have been if your choice was different!

Scratch Card Strategy

If you’re looking to improve your online scratch card games, you need to look at your money management. When you’re making your wager, weigh up your options; more games at a lower stake, or a higher stake for the chance to win a bigger prize? Online casino games are fun to play and can offer rich rewards, but they’re not much use to you if your bankroll is empty, so make sure you keep within your limits to maximize your winning potential.

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