Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online at NZ

This holiday-themed scratch is designed to bring you plenty of fun as well as lots of rewards. Whether you choose to play for fun or for real money, in download software or flash, you’re guaranteed plenty of great online casino action and multiple chances to hit a big payday. Hit the jackpot right away by signing up a real money at New Zealand account and accepting your welcome Bonus – there’s up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) in free cash up for grabs.

Basics and instructions

As with all online scratch cards, you begin by selecting the value of your card for that round. The card amounts go from fifty cents, up to $10 – simply choose the amount that suits your pocket and let the fun begin. Remember, the bigger your stake, the bigger the payout, but don’t be tempted to spend more than your bankroll can afford – keep your bet levels low and the number of games you play high for the best chance to win. This is basic scratch card strategy and counts for any scratcher you might play.

When you have the wager set, press Play, and the on-screen cards will populate with images. Scratch away the surface to reveal the hidden images and to see whether you’ve won a prize. The Easter Surprise Scratch images are holiday-themed, with colourful eggs and Easter bunnies in abundance. Match three in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to win a prize. The prize is displayed above the card.

For a faster game, choose Scratch All and watch as all the symbols are revealed at the same time. You can also play multiple games using the AutoPlay feature – you can choose to watch up to 50 games play out at a set card rate. An extra feature you can enjoy when you play Easter Surprise Scratch is the Shuffle feature. This lets you have more control over the cards you are given and means you can change the card before you play.

How to claim your online casino bonus

When you choose to play for real money with us, we reward you with a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins). This is an option for all new players who decide to open a real money online casino games account with us and make an initial deposit. We’ll match this initial amount up to $400, and then honour a series of further deposits with 100% match reload bonuses (up to seven more in total).