Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online at NZ

A hybrid online casino game, Beetle Bingo Scratch is truly one of a kind. Combining scratch cards and bingo in an accessible online settings, twenty-four hours a day every day of the year, Beetle Bingo also offers massive payouts and lots of fun. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to play online scratch cards that adopt a different format to increase the thrills.

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The basics & how to play

The nature and number design is both enjoyable to play and easy to follow, so you can concentrate on your game. To get started, set your coin level and then hit the Shake button to mix up the beetles trapped inside; these beetles act as bingo balls and determine the outcome of the game. Once the beetles are mixed, the lid of the jar will pop off and 15 beetles will be released, crawling into a tunnel where they line up to display the numbers on their backs.

As well as your scratch card, there is a bingo card to the right of your screen. The numbers on the beetles will also highlight on the bingo card for easy reference as you play. Remove the leaves one at a time by clicking on each in turn, or click on Scratch All to reveal the hidden numbers in one move. Each leaf will reveal a set of five numbers, so you have three chances to win a prize.

You can also play in regular mode (revealing one at a time) or AutoPlay mode. If you select AutoPlay, you dictate how many successive rounds you want to play, up to a maximum of 50 rounds, and for how much. You can stop the AutoPlay feature by hitting Stop at any time.

Ways to Win With Beetle Bingo Scratch

To win a payday and improve your bankroll, you need the five numbers of any one of the sets to match any of your 15 beetle numbers. Each set of five numbers has a specific prize attached; you only need to match one set to win, but you can win up to three times in total, with all your winnings added together and paid to your bankroll automatically.