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Scratch cards have long been one of the simplest options for players looking for fast, user-friendly gaming. Today, scratch cards have made their way onto the screen at online casinos — and at NZ, we’ve put together an incredible portfolio of online scratch cards. Our players have access to every kind of game they could imagine, giving New Zealanders a level of choice beyond their wildest dreams.

As we’re dedicated to providing players with the best collection of scratch cards, we have sourced games from some of the top providers in the industry. New Zealand players will be able to dive into a roster that no other online casino can compare to. So, if you’re a fan of scratchies, a trip to NZ is the best choice for you!

We consistently aim to update our selection of games, too, so keep checking back to see which of the latest releases are available to play. If you want to learn more about online scratch cards, keep reading our expert guide.

Our Top Scratch Card Games in NZ

Game Name Description
Merlin’s Millions Scratch Collect 3 matching symbols on Merlin’s Millions and you could walk away with up to 1,000 times your stake. A great prize from the famous wizard.
Foxin Wins Scratch Foxin Wins gives players a 9-panel grid to play on. Here, if they scratch away 3 identical icons, a prize will be coming their way.
Gorilla Go Wild Scratch Gorilla Go Wild has a huge simian as the main character, along with huge prizes available on the 3x3 grid.
A Dragons Story Scratch A Dragons Story has great visuals and a high maximum bet. If you like to play big, this could be the game to try.
Luxor Scratch With 12 panels, Luxor offers players a lot of choices. It’s fast-paced and looks great, while the jackpot, 50,000 times your stake, is fantastic too.
A Nightmare on Elm Street Scratch As this scratch card is based on one of the most famous horror movies ever, this needs no introduction. The 15 panels and prize of 10,000 times the player stake just makes this even more inviting.
Call of the Colosseum Scratch Travel to ancient Rome to try your hand at walking away with a big prize, in this 3x3 grid scratch card game.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

The idea behind online scratch cards is extremely simple (as with some other card games). It takes the classic format and design of traditional scratch cards and transfers it to the screen. This is a straightforward concept, but it works superbly. The fantastic teams at the top software brands on the market have also added some extra aspects to make online scratch cards more engaging and deeper than traditional scratchies.

Online scratch cards require players to choose their stake level first. This is different from standard scratch cards, in which the price for each card remains the same. The stake on an online scratch card is set and is applied to every win created, so it’s different to how Video Slots work out wins across paylines.

Once the stake has been chosen, players need to swipe across the screen in order to scratch the panels. This can be done with either the mouse or the finger depending on the platform the game is being played on. This will reveal what’s under the panels and will show the player if a win has been created. Depending on the rules of the game, there could be different methods in place for wins to be paid. As such, you should look over the rules before playing to make sure that you’re aware of how the game works.

There might also be some extra features included in the scratch card. Again, this can vary between games, so it’s important to check whether there are any bonus features and what they are (if available). One example is that some scratch cards offer players the chance to earn a free scratch at the same stake level they’re playing.

One of the easiest ways to get to grips with a new game is to look through the help menu. Here, players can find out what rules are used for that specific scratch card. This extends to how the game plays, what bonus features might be included, and even the payout levels. This is a good way to see which game appeals to you most and which you’re likely to prefer to play.

Odds and Payouts

The payout levels for online scratch cards are different depending on the game you’re playing. While the way in which players can achieve wins is usually quite similar between different titles, the amount that the games pay out can have a big disparity. Seasoned players from New Zealand will be well aware of this from playing other online casino games.

Some games will have lower variance and, as such, a lower maximum payout. You could see between 500 and 1,000 times your stake on offer in these titles. Others could go to 50,000 times your stake or more. Here’s an example from Call of the Colosseum, to show you what a paytable might look like:

Symbol Payout
Sandals 1 x bet
Helmet 2 x bet
Shield 5 x bet
Chariot 10 x bet
Tiger 50 x bet
Lady 100 x bet
Emperor 1,000 x bet

The 3 Most Important Tips Before We Play Scratch Card Games

Most people think that they can just jump into playing online scratch cards because of how simple they are in relation to other online casino games. This isn’t the case. As with any other casino game, there’s a level of knowledge that you need to have in order to play to a high level. We’ve put together the three most vital tips you need to play online scratch cards without running into problems.

  1. Find the right online scratch card. There’s a huge range of different scratch cards out there. As a result, it’s important to take a look at the in-game help screens to see what the game is about. Find one that will give you the best chance of pleasant gaming experience. After all, if a game isn’t interesting, what’s the point of playing?
  2. Aim for a high RTP. Although a good experience should be your main priority when playing scratch cards – looking at the RTP is vital, too. This will show you which game offers the best chance of getting a return. Combine a game that looks terrific with the best RTP, and you’ll give yourself the best shot of having a great time.
  3. Stick to your stake limit. Just because you have had a few good rounds doesn’t mean you should start to increase your stake. Stay at the limits you set for yourself at the start. This will stop you from emptying your bankroll if you go on a losing streak, and will allow you to play for longer, potentially increasing your chances of a big win.

Following these three tips will help to ensure that you have the best opportunity for an immersive, action-packed scratch card session. Aiming to win big is the main point for a lot of players, but in order to do this, you will also need to extend your play. Our tips will help you do this and will increase your enjoyment too.

Bonuses and Promotions for Scratch Cards

If you decide to play scratch cards online, it’s always a good idea to look through the bonuses and promotions that we offer here at NZ. This will allow you to bump up your bankroll and, as such, extend your playtime. You can give yourself a better chance of grabbing one of the bigger wins on offer.

Using our bonuses and Promotions page will give you the chance to see what promotions we currently have available to you. From here, you can use this to formulate a scratch card strategy. On the bonuses page, you will also be able to check out the Terms and Conditions we have in place here at NZ, so you can see exactly how the bonus works and what you can expect to get from it.

Mobile Experience

We have created a fantastic environment for mobile players here at NZ. Thanks to superb scaling, we’ve ensured that all of our scratch card games look great on mobile devices. On top of this, the superb optimisation makes for a lightning-fast gaming experience with no slowdown. These two factors combine to ensure that New Zealand-based players can try some of the best mobile scratch cards on the market, no matter what devices you want to play on.


Many players need help when playing a new game because new rules can sometimes be difficult to understand right away. Here at NZ, we’ve got some great ways to help players along if they’re struggling.

  • In-game help menus are the first way that players can get help when playing. If you don’t understand the game rules or aren’t quite sure of how the paytable is laid out, the in-game help menu can help you with this. If you’re struggling with anything that’s directly related to the game, this should be the first place you look for a solution.
  • We also offer players our own internal customer support. At our help and support page, you will be able to find all of the solutions we offer to help our players. Our support methods are available 24 hours a day, ensuring that whatever time it might be when you have an issue, one of our highly-trained support staff will be there to help you.


Players tend to ask a lot of questions about online scratch cards. In order to help our players get to grips with how they work, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. The answers to these questions should help all New Zealand-based players get ready to play popular scratch card games.

  1. Can you order scratch cards online?

    You don’t need to order the scratch cards, as such. All you need to do is load up the game, set your stake, and begin playing. Online scratch cards don’t mean that you order the cards to be delivered — you play them through whichever platform you’re using. You’ll scratch the card away via the user-friendly interface.
  2. Can you play scratch cards on mobile?

    Here at NZ, we have one of the best mobile casinos on the market. As a result, you can play scratch cards on your mobile device without any trouble whatsoever.
  3. What are the best scratch cards to win?

    This all depends on a number of different factors. The type of game you prefer to play, your bankroll level, and the prize that’s on offer are all factors that go into deciding what the best game is for you. Your best choice is to look over the different aspects of each game and use the relevant information to choose the right game.
  4. Are online scratch cards rigged?

    No, online scratch cards are not rigged. Here at NZ, we pride ourselves on providing the fairest and most secure casino games on the market. This extends to all of our titles. When you choose to play at NZ, you can guarantee that you will be treated in a fair manner.
  5. How do you check scratch cards online?

    Checking your scratch card online is really simple and is actually quite similar to a Video Slot. The scratch card itself will automatically check if you have a winner when you scratch it off so that you don’t have to do any manual checks. Your payout will be made to your account immediately.
  6. Can you win big on online scratch cards?

    This depends on your definition of “big” and the scratch card you’re playing. Some of the prizes that scratch cards offer can rival some of the biggest-paying Video Slot titles. If you want to grab a big win, look over the paytables in order to see what’s available to you.
  7. How long do I have until I claim my prize?

    You should be able to claim your prize instantly with most scratch cards. You might not be able to withdraw the cash to your bank account right away, though, depending on the specific withdrawal restrictions that might be in place.
  8. Are online scratch cards safe to play?

    Here at NZ, we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for our players. Because of this, our online scratch cards (and all of our casino games) are completely safe for players.


Scratch cards have been around for a long time, and we’ve helped to take them from the past right into the present. We use the top software developers to ensure that our selection of games is both extensive and of the highest quality. New Zealanders will be blown away by the scratch cards we have on offer. Just sign up, create an account with us, and you can be scratching away the panels within minutes.