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This version of online roulette has increased in popularity over the years. Very similar to Premium French Roulette, players of all skill levels have the opportunity to win big cash prizes playing Premium European Roulette. Become enthralled with the game as the wheel spins around, and hopefully you will walk away a winner.

What Makes Premium European Roulette Different?

Played very similar to all other variations of roulette, Premium European Roulette is all about placing bets and hoping the ball lands in the fields you have placed your bets in. The difference is all in the betting and the payouts. Although you can play in single player mode, this version of roulette is good for people looking to play with multiple other players. We suggest reading through our supplemental articles about roulette strategy and history, such as Roulette Rules, History of Roulette, and How to Play Roulette. These articles are located on the main Roulette Page on New Zealand, the top online casino gambling site in New Zealand.

How to Play Premium European Roulette

When players are betting, they have many different options. When placing stakes on the table, players may choose between a straight up bet, a split bet, a street bet, a corner bet, a four bet, a line bet, a column bet, or a bet based on color, even and odd, or high and low. The following are the assorted payouts for each of these combinations.

Straight Up Bet 35:1

Split Bet 17:1

Street Bet 11:1

Corner Bet 8:1

Four Bet 8:1

Line Bet 8:1

Column Bet 2:1

Even/Odd, Red/Black, Low High Bet 1:1

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