Play Multi Wheel Roulette Online at NZ

Players looking for a fast-action, ultra-fun version of the casino classic, online roulette, will love this unique and innovative game. Based on the standard rules and format, Multi Wheel Roulette offers you the chance to play up to six wheels at a time during any one game. A completely new concept in online Roulette, this game brings your favourite game to a whole new level, with lots of exciting extras.

How to play Multi Wheel Roulette

As with any other version, you start by placing your bets on the Roulette table. Multi Wheel Roulette uses the same standard bets as European Roulette, so make sure you know your Street Bet from your Corner Bet, your Split Bet from your Column Bet before you play.

You can place one or multiple bets in a range of denominations by clicking on your chips - and if you want to bet the same amount on the next spin, you can hit the Rebet option that appears after your first game. Another exciting option is the Double & Spin button as this enables you to double your bet and set the wheel spinning right away, offering a faster game. Note: the Min and Max bet limits that show on your screen are per wheel, not per table, though table limits may also apply.

Once your bets are placed, hit Spin and watch the game play out. The outcome is decided when the ball remains in a slot on the wheel, and all bets that involve this number are highlighted as winners. By default, all six of the wheels are active – but if you want to deactivate some of the wheels, simply click on the wheel to take it out of the game. There must be at least one wheel active to play and to reactivate a wheel, simply click on it again.

Hints and Tips

The best way to enjoy any online casino game is to keep an eye on your bankroll – and with up to six wheels in motion at any one time, it’s more important then ever that you make your bankroll stretch as far as possible by keeping your bet amounts low and the number of spins high. This gives you the maximum chance of winning.

Another great tip for stretching your bankroll even further is to take advantage of any online casino bonuses that are on offer. If you are new to our online casino and would like to open an account with us, you can currently enjoy a bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins). And if you’re a returning player, don’t worry; we have a range of bonuses available to help you maximize your time at the tables.