Play Mini Roulette Online at NZ

Is your standard roulette game growing a little stale? Or maybe you feel a little intimidated by the Premium version of the game played by many experienced online roulette veterans? We have these problems solved! Try playing Mini Roulette, where the game is smaller and quicker and the opportunity for players to win is increased dramatically.

How is Mini Roulette Different than the Classic Version?

Mini Roulette has the same basic principles as other online roulette games, such as American or French Roulette. The biggest difference is the side of the wheel and the different betting combinations. Because there are fewer spaces on the wheel to choose from, the payouts also differ somewhat. This is because the odds increase in favour of the player. If you love to play roulette, but don’t have a lot of time, this is the perfect game for you.

Get Started Playing Mini Roulette Now!

Players begin to play Mini Roulette by placing bets. Once you have bet on the combinations you desire, click “spin” and let the wheel do the work. Probability is that you will win big playing Mini Roulette, where there are fewer combinations available. We suggest playing a game or two in practice mode to get a feel for the game before putting your real money toward it. Also, it is highly recommend that you read through our helpful supplemental pages, including the History of Roulette, How to Play Roulette, and Roulette Rules.

Download our up-to-date free software and create an account today. You can then get started playing our wide variety of online casino games. Mini Roulette is a great way to get started playing roulette and to have fun while you are winning big! Once you feel like a roulette master, test your luck playing 3D Roulette or Premium Roulette Pro. See you at the online casino wheel!