Payment option with PaySafe Card

Following on from the E-Wallet online payment generation now comes the Pre-paid Card revolution. It’s a step-up from payment methods like E-Wallets - with pre-paid cards you retain complete anonymity when making payments online. Plus you will never need to give out your bank or credit card details to strangers again!

How PaySafe Works:

You can purchase a PaySafe pre-paid card in thousands of outlets in you region. These include newsagents, petrol stations, tobacconists and shopping centres. You also have the option to buy the pre-paid card online.

Let’s assume you buy a $20 card. On the card you will see a PIN number. When you go to a merchant or online casino like New Zealand, you will input this number where you see the PaySafe logo. You will have $20 to spend. When you want to top up you can go back to the store you bought or the card, or in fact any store that offers PaySafe and simply top up.

When you make a transaction to NZ with your PaySafe card, it’s processed instantly. That’s great for you, as it means you can get ready to start experiencing all the hi-stakes, low stakes, thrills and spills of casino gaming.

You can register for your own PaySafe Card, Click Here!

For more information visit the PaySafe website, Click Here!