Live Casino Direct

For many casino players, part of the thrill of the game is watching the blackjack dealer start passing around the cards, and the anticipation mounts as you wonder which cards you will receive. Or watching as the Roulette Croupier drops that little ball on the wheel and watching as the ball bounces around from number to number before finding a resting space. In addition to the aspect of playing with other people.

For those players, New Zealand would like to extend an invitation to play at our live casino, direct from a casino located in Gibraltar. Thanks to video conferencing technology, has partnered with land casinos and has set up specialized tables exclusively for our real money players.

Direct Live Casino

At the Live Casino Direct, you can enjoy blackjack, roulette, Casino Hold’em and Baccarat from the comfort of your home, and still enjoy an authentic casino feel. For players who enjoy building a repertoire with the dealer, there is a chat option available. You can even select which table to play at based on the dealer and what other players are there. If you’ve found that a certain dealer brings you good luck, then by all means select a table based on where he or she is dealing. Set up a time and a table to play with your friends or colleagues, or if you prefer to play alone, select a table that is unoccupied.

The live casino direct option is available for all our real money players, and getting started is simple. Find the game that you want to play in our casino games library and see if there is a live option listed. Once you choose that game, then you will be taken into the waiting room. Here you can see which tables are available, what the table minimum is, and how many players are already sitting. If you prefer to watch a few hands, you can visit the table as a viewer and watch a few hands before sitting down.