Instant Banking Casino in NZ

Instant Banking as its name suggests is one of the quickest ways to pay for products, or in this case in an online casino. Not only is Instant Banking speedy but also very safe, as you never need to part with your bank or credit card details to any casino or merchant. As an Instant banking casino we happily accept UseMyServices as one of our payment methods.

As long as you have online banking capability with your financial institution you can use Instant Banking. You simply select the UseMyFunds payment option in our payment portal and select the bank of your choice. From here you can log in using your regular password and ID. You can then make an Instant Payment. The online casino or Merchant will not have any access to your personal details, so they stay personal.

One of the main advantages of using Instant Banking, quite simply is the speed and efficiency of moving money. This means that you can play almost instantly. You’ll get an immediate notification that your payment has gone through and we will too.

  • Why Instant Banking: There are several reasons why Instant Banking is the preferred payment method for many of our New Zealand online casino players. With Instant Bankiung you have a company that’s works as a direct link between your bank and They use every safety measure within their power to ensure that your money and personal data remain private and that your money will safely arrive into your account. Because you’re playing with money that you already have in the bank, it acts as a protective layer from overextending your budget and playing beyond your means. There are some fees that are typically associated with Instant Banking providers, but many of our players see the value of paying those small fees and in return enjoying the safety and security that comes with Instant Banking transfers.
  • Timeframe with Instant Banking: As the name suggests, the transfer is done instantly. This means that there is no lag time between when you make the deposit and when you can begn playing our online casino games.