EntroPay Casino Options in Casino.com NZ

This is a credit card casino. Now credits cards come in all shapes and sizes, some are even virtual. For those that like to stay anonymous when in an online casino yet still want to use a credit card should look no further than Entropay. Entropay is a clever payment method. It’s a virtual credit card.

Here’s how EntroPay works.

  • If you don’t currently have access to Entropay you can Register here!
  • While you register you will be asked for a valid payment method in which to credit your EntroPay account
  • Once that’s done, you’ll be given an EntroPay credit card number.
  • This number is all you will need to make a transaction in our payment portal.

Because EntroPay is a virtual currency you will never receive a plastic card. However you will find that wherever Visa is accepted EntroPay is too. As you are giving out your EntroPay number and not your credit card or bank details you’ll discover that this one of the securest payment methods available.

For more information and to visit the EntroPay Website Click Here!