ClickandBuy Payment option

For your convenience we have many payment methods in which you can fund your online casino account. So whichever way suits you, we’ve got it covered. This is a ClickandBuy casino, meaning if you have access to this popular E-Wallet you can use it to quickly transfer funds. If you don’t yet have access you can register an account with ClickandBuy as a great way to transfer money into your NZ account.

ClickandBuy is a state-of-the-art payment service that allow their clients to move money, in a secure and anonymous way, to and from their bank account.

Here at New Zealand we are all about fun, but without peace of mind, there can be no fun. That’s why we only work with the most trusted and safe payment processors around. ClickandBuy is a great way to buy products or to start playing some of our hi-octane casino games.

To open a ClickandBuy Account, follow these simple steps:

One of the great things about ClickandBuy is the ease of opening an account with them. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to get through the entire process.

  1. If you don’t currently have a ClickandBuy E-Wallet account, you can get one here.
  2. Fill out the form to register and enter your preferred payment details.
  3. Once that’s been completed visit our payment portal, select ClickandBuy and type in your login details to make a deposit.

Before you can transfer money from ClickandBuy to NZ you’ll have to fund your ClickandBuy account, either via bank transfer, credit card or an E-wallet service to ensure that you’ll have the funds with which to make the transfer.

Advantages of Depositing Money with ClickandBuy at NZ

There is a lot to like about the ClickandBuy E-wallet service when transferring money to and from your account. One of our favorite features is the detailed budget review that you can fid on their site. This will help you manage your account and make sure that you don’t overextend yourself or begin playing beyond your means.

Another benefit is that all transactions occur very quickly, anonymously, safely and securely. You can read further for more details on the security that comes when you use ClickandBuy.

Finally, unlike a credit card, ClickandBuy doesn’t offer their clients a line of credit. This is a great layer of protection for a player who might otherwise try and play beyond their means.

Is ClickandBuy a Secure E-Wallet Payment Method?

With over 13 million clients worldwide, ClickandBuy understands the importance of maintaining a highhj level of security. here are several great security measures in place that will give peace of mind when transferring your money using their services. The anti-fraud protection service that they use scans their systems over a 1000 times per day in search of hacks or security leaks.

Additionally, the only time you’ll ever need to enter your personal or banking details onto their site is when you register for the account. The rest of time, just a usernae and password will suffice. ClickandBuy is so protective of your private information, they don’t even share it with us. This will guarantee your anonymity when you’re playing at NZ.

We support transactions through ClickandBuy. For more information visit their website. Click Here!