Play Blackjack Switch Online at NZ

As far as probability goes, Blackjack Switch is one of the online casino games where the odds are in your favor and you are more likely to score big. While playing Blackjack Switch, you increase your chances of winning because you have the ability to play two hands at once and switch the combinations in order to make two brand new combinations. Your odds of winning increase dramatically!

How is Blackjack Switch Different than Traditional Blackjack?

Online casino New Zealand offers players an increased opportunity to win big. The biggest difference between traditional online blackjack and Blackjack Switch is that while playing Switch, you must simultaneously play two hands. After you have placed your bids, you are able to switch one card from each hand to the other, so that you now have two new hands. If you switch and then decide that you made a mistake, you have the ability to switch back to the original hands you were dealt. With this switching option, you are able to create the best possible hands you can out of 4 cards.

If you are a little bit confused, do not worry. Here is a quick example for you: You are dealt a 6 and an 8 in one hand, which is a total of 14. In the other hand, you have been given a 10 and a 5, equaling 15. If you decide to switch the 8 and the 5 your two new hands would be a 6 and a 5, equaling 11 and giving you a greater opportunity to hit 21. Your other hand is an 18, which is also a very good hand to play. Since these are an improvement from the hands you started with, your odds of beating the Dealer increase tremendously. Because the player has such an advantage over the Dealer when switching combinations, the payout decreases slightly. Instead of the payout for a blackjack being 3 to 2, it is 1 to 1.