Play Blackjack Surrender Online at NZ New Zealand is the top online casino gaming site in New Zealand and offers a wide variety of different variations of online blackjack for you to choose from. Blackjack Surrender offers you the opportunity to get rid of the hand you have been dealt for a new pair, and a chance to win more money.

How Is Blackjack Surrender Different From Classic Blackjack?

While in classic blackjack, you are stuck with the cards you have been dealt, blackjack surrender offers you the chance to “surrender” your hand for a new pair, increasing your chances of winning big cash prizes. On our site, you have the ability to play a single hand or multiple hands at the same time. You may surrender one or all of your hands each round. In order to surrender your hand for new cards, you must forfeit half of your bid. However, with increased odds of winning, you are likely to keep the other half instead of losing that as well.

Blackjack Surrender on New Zealand

Playing Blackjack Surrender on our online casino games site is very easy. Before you begin, you must download our free state-of-the-art software and sign up with a real money account. Once you have selected Blackjack Surrender as your game of choice, you start playing by placing your bet. The lowest bet you can place is $1 and the highest is $300. You may bet different amounts for each hand you play. When you have placed your bets, hit the “deal” button, and the Dealer will hand you two cards for each hand you play. The Dealer will always let you know of the value of the cards in your hand. When you are dealt these cards is when you must decide whether to “surrender” your cards for new ones, or continue on with the game. When you decide to continue, you may choose to “hit”, “stand”, or “double down.”

Get Started Playing Blackjack Surrender Today!

Been dealt a bad hand? Switch it out for a brand new hand, increasing your opportunity to win cash prizes while playing Blackjack Surrender. We recommend reading the How to Play Blackjack, and the History and Rules of Blackjack before you start playing. After you master this game, check out other variations of Blackjack on New Zealand, such as Blackjack Switch or Progressive Blackjack.