Play Blackjack Pro at NZ

Blackjack Pro is a blackjack variation that follows the basic blackjack rules with few other distractions along the way. The game is played with a single deck of cards, which gives players the chance to put their blackjack skills into use more effectively. Playing this online blackjack variation is almost like going back to earlier blackjack history where you could be on a riverboat on your way up the Mississippi, or at one of the earliest casinos.

Playing Blackjack Pro

When playing Blackjack Pro, the game begins as do other similar games with players and the dealer being dealt a single face-up card each. Players then place their wagers, and a second card is dealt to all, including the dealer, who will receive his second card face-down.

When players receive two cards of the same value, the hand may be split. A second wager must be placed on the hand that has been split to ensure that each hand has its own wager. The hands will be played out separately, which means that if one hand wins, and the other does not, they will be paid out according to their own bets.

The 7 Card Charlie rule is in effect while playing Blackjack Pro. This rule states that if a player draws seven cards without going bust, this hand will beat any dealer hand apart from a straight blackjack hand. This means that even if the dealer holds a hand with 20 points, and the player has five cards that reach a value of 18 points, the 7 Card Charlie hand will win. Should the dealer hold 21 points, the 7 Card Charlie hand loses.

The Insurance bet is available when the dealer shows an Ace as the first card. Players place an Insurance bet that will pay out two to one if the dealer gets a blackjack with an Ace and a 10-value card.

Blackjack Pro at New Zealand

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