Play Lucky Blackjack Online at NZ

In this exciting version of blackjack, you test your luck while betting in hopes of winning big cash prizes. If your guesses are correct, you can walk away from the table a big winner! Get started and play a game today!

How Different is Lucky Blackjack from Traditional Blackjack?

Even though the game is the same as a traditional game, there is some added fun in testing your luck with Lucky Blackjack. However, with this game, you will guess the total number of points the Dealer will wind up with in each round. A big difference in this game is that you are not playing against the Dealer; you are simply guessing how close to 21 the Dealer will get. The player is not actually dealt any cards. However, the closer you get to the correct value and the closer that number is to 21, the larger the payout. Even though you might not be playing your own hand in this game, you can still win big.

How to Play Lucky Blackjack

Like most versions of online blackjack, the first thing that is done is the betting. Although, the betting with lucky blackjack is a little different because you will be placing your bet on one of 7 options: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Blackjack, or Bust. Once you are done betting, you click “Deal” and the Dealer will be handed cards. If the Dealer is showing a 16 or less, then the Dealer automatically must hit. If the Dealer has a 17 or higher, then the Dealer must stand. In the end, if you have placed your bet on the value that the Dealer is showing, you win big money. Below are the payouts.

Payouts for Lucky Blackjack

Bid on 17 = 5:1

Bid on 18 = 6:1

Bid on 19 = 6:1

Bid on 20 = 4:1

Bid on 21: 12:1

Blackjack = 19:1

Bust = 2:1

Download our software, create a real money account, and begin playing our online casino games today. We suggest reading over the Rules of Blackjack, History of Blackjack, and How to Play Blackjack to get extra tips and strategies on how to play the game. After you press your luck playing Lucky Blackjack, try Blackjack Switch or 21 Duel Blackjack on New Zealand’s #1 Casino online gaming site, New Zealand!