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An exciting online blackjack variant, All Bets Blackjack at New Zealand gets its name from the fact that it includes all possible side bets such as Lucky Lucky, Perfect Pairs, Top 3, Progressive Blackjack, 21+3 and Buster Blackjack. This means your potential payouts are huge, with payouts such as 2000x your stake and a limitless progressive to play for. You play against the online casino dealer and aim to beat his hand, and for extra fun you can add some thrilling side bets to try and bag some bigger wins. New players who join us today to play online casino games for real money can also benefit from a Welcome Bonus up to $400 offer.

How to Play All Bets Blackjack

Begin by setting your limits for up to a total of three hands. Click on the chips shown on the bottom of your screen to set your bet value, and then click on any additional side bets you wish to play (up to one of each per hand). Click on Deal and then play the game using the highlighted buttons; as our All Bets Blackjack software is intuitive, only your betting options will be available, making it easier to learn the game. The Hit button will request a card, Stand means you do not want any more cards and your turn is ended, and Double can be used before dealer cards are dealt if you wish to double your current bet. Your overall aim is to make a hand of 21, or as close as you can get, while beating the dealer.

Some Big Money All Bets Blackjack Side Bets

Progressive Blackjack: every bet on the All Bets Blackjack progressive adds money to the prize pool, so the jackpot is always growing; the number of Aces in your hand determines whether you win a jackpot amount, with four suited aces required for the progressive. If you hit the progressive amount, you win whatever shows on the counter at that time.

Top 3: this pays out when your dealer’s initial face-up card and your own two cards create three of a kind suited, three of a kind combined or a straight flush, with a top payout of 500:1.

Buster Blackjack: you will win up to 2000x your stake when you place this bet and the dealer busts – the amount won depends on how many cards the dealer ended up with and also whether you have Blackjack – not all payouts require a player Blackjack but the highest payouts do require this hand.