Play Genie's Hi-Lo Arcade Games Online at NZ

A fun and easy to learn arcade-style online casino game played with a single deck. this simplistic but full of action game requires you to combine mathematical probability with powers of prediction. You bet on the outcome of a single card turn, and win if your guess is right – it’s as easy as that. Although this sounds simple, the lack of complicated rules means you can hit the tables and soak up the atmosphere right away.

How to play and special features

When you play Genie Hi Lo online arcade games, you need to start by setting your wager amount. Use the arrows to set the amount you wish to bet and then click on the Confirm button. Next, select a card, then bet on whether the card that follows will be Higher or Lower than the card on show. You can also predict the colour – either Red or Black. Note: when you play Genie Hi Lo, all Aces are considered the lowest card and count as a value of 1.

Select another card and if you guessed correctly, you will advance to the next level where you can choose a new selection. If you hit a Joker, you will automatically pass to the next level. The game continues to play on, ending only when you make a wrong guess or else you reach the highest possible level. Any payouts due are based on the level you reach, with payments awarded instantly to your bankroll.

Take notice of the Game Record on the left of your screen as this shows the progress of your time at the tables. It shows the outcome of each round and logs all winnings information, so you always have full access to the necessary info for your records.

Make your money go further

Remember to keep your bet amounts low and the number of game turns high for the best possible chance of winning – this is basic casino strategy and applies to all types of casino games. Following this advice makes your money stretch further, increases your playing time and also gives you more chances to win.

Another way to maximize your bankroll is to be aware of any available casino bonuses. Check out the promotions page or else get special offers direct to your inbox by signing up to promotional emails. At New Zealand, we currently offer all new players an exclusive Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) across eight deposits – that’s extra cash to use on any of our online casino games whenever you want.