Play Frankie Fantastic 7 Arcade Games Online at NZ

Based on a mixture of cards and horses, Frankie’s Fantastic 7 requires you to bet on the outcome of a horse race between seven horses. With lots of bet options and betting elements in play, this is a great choice for the discerning casino games online player that likes online arcade games full of layers and levels, with plenty of chances to win.

Horses and Cards

There are seven horses – including Diffident, Fatefully and Wall Street - in the race, each in their own lane that consists of a number of steps. The lanes differ – e.g. Lane 1 has 4 steps but Lane 3 has 6 steps – and the winner is the first horse to complete their steps and reach the finish line.

Cards are dealt for each horse and are then placed face up to the left of their lane – the winning horse of each card draw moves forward one step. It is an automatic win for a horse with a higher rank than all the others, but if there are two or more horses with the same high rank, the winner is based on the suit with spades highest, then hearts, diamonds and clubs the lowest.

If two horses win with the same rank and suit, both horses move forward. If it the final step and you win, you win half of the proposed payout for that horse. A joker will eliminate a horse from the game so in this instance it will receive no more cards.

How to play Frankie's Fantastic 7

The game uses two card decks including two jokers. You start by placing your bets and setting your coin limit for each bet. You can bet on multiple horses by clicking on the betting area next to their lane. The bet odds are set in accordance with the number of steps each horse has to take – similar to guessing the form in a real race.

As well as the horses, you can bet on lanes. Top Evens covers a winning horse in the top three lanes while Bottom Evens covers a winning horse in the bottom three lanes. Note: you can switch your odds between decimal and fractional form when you play Frankie’s Fantastic 7.

When you have placed your bets, click Race. The race consists of several rounds and will only end if your horse is disqualified or when the race is won. All winnings are awarded automatically to your bankroll.

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