Play Derby Day Arcade Game Online at NZ

A horse betting arcade game online with virtual horses and a variety of betting options, Derby Day is a great choice for players who also enjoy the races, or for those who want an exciting, action-packed game that is quick to learn and offers something a little different.

The basics to get started

When you play Derby Day, you can select your horse by looking to the left of your screen where a list of available horses for the next race is displayed. Click on each name to view and compare their form – you can see up to two horses at a time for easy comparison – and choose your favourite. You will see a Points column that reflects the current form – more points means a lower payout if you win.

Just like at the races, you can study the ‘going and weather’ by looking to the top right corner of your screen – these are important as they affect the horses just like they would in a real race. Once you have taken in all this knowledge, its time to make your bets. The table in the centre of the screen shows your options – you can place up to nine bets in total per race by clicking on each and selecting your coin level. To cancel a bet, click on the X.

Your bets include a straight bet on a horse (Winner), a prediction of first and second place (Exacta), a Place bet (your horse to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd), and a prediction of the first four or five horses in exact order (Pick IV-V). When you have placed all your desired bets, click the Race button to get the horses running. You are paid in accordance with your bet and any multiple wins are accumulated, with all wins awarded automatically to your bankroll.

How to improve your form

The best way to get the most from your game when you play Derby Day is to take advantage of the variety of bets available. Take note of the various odds and improve your chances of wining by combining a range of high-paying and low-paying bets that cover the field.

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