Play Bonus Bowling Arcade Games Online at NZ

If you like bowling and you like online casino games, why not combine the two? This innovative arcade game combines the best in online technology and the fun of one of the world’s oldest, most competitive games, all in the comfort of your own home. And what’s more, you can play for fun in Practice Mode or for real money! If you choose to play real money games with us at New Zealand today, you will also benefit from an exclusive Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) free.

How to play

When you play Bonus Bowling, your aim is to predict the outcome of a bowling throw. To place your bets, click on the + and - buttons on the bet field. You have plenty of choice because you can make a wager on the number of pins knocked down, on all the pins being knocked down by the initial ball (Strike), or on all the balls being knocked down across two balls (Spare). For extra fun you can even place multiple bets.

When you have placed all your required bets, click the Throw button to get the game going. You will see two balls thrown – unless you get a Strike because a second ball is not necessary – and the outcome decides whether your bets win or lose. To play again, you can hit Throw to repeat your bets or you can click the Clear Bets button to remove all bets and start over afresh.

You can also enjoy an exciting extra round known as Golden Frame. The Bonus Bowling software will alert you to the round by placing a special Golden Frame logo in the top right of your screen so keep your eyes peeled. If you hit a Strike during a Golden Frame round, you benefit from an accumulator that multiplies your winnings for that round by 10x your total bet amount.

More player benefits

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