Moneta Casino

Instant bank transfer companies have spread across the globe in response to the significant demand for such services online, especially in the online casino industry. For technical and logistical reasons, instant banking services are determined by country. A conglomerate of national banks usually comes together and establishes a technology that unifies their banking systems and makes them available for online use. Moneta is one of these companies, serving primarily Russia and a few other CIS countries such as Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, to name a few. Players from these countries can use the service to make either a withdrawal or deposit, from their account.

Bank transfer companies like Moneta work upon a simple operating principle: they eliminate intermediary agents. Moneta connects a web service directly to your bank so that you can carry out transactions at lightning-fast speeds. The biggest advantage of Moneta bank transfers is that the merchant receives confirmation of your withdrawal or deposit almost immediately, which means that the wait times usually associated with approving, verifying and sending a confirmation of a specific transaction, are greatly reduced. Moneta has proved a very popular payment method with players due its speed and simplicity.

How to Make a Deposit using Moneta at

Before using Moneta to transfer money to your account, you must first create an account. You’ll need to have an official Russian ID, as well as additional identifying information, in order to complete the registration process. As part of the security process, once your account is activated, you’ll need to choose a “Payment Password” that will be required, in addition with your regular account password, with each transaction. This double verification is set in place as an added security measure to ensure that your money and your privacy is never compromised.

Once the account is set up can then to sign in to your account and make your way to the payment page. Here you can select the option to make a deposit using Moneta. Then follow the step-by-step instructions and enter the amount of money that you wish to deposit into your account. You’ll need to have funded your Moneta account first and that can be done in a variety of ways including bank transfer, credit or debit card, and even sending cash from an affiliated cash terminal located throughout Russia. The transfer takes place within a matter of minutes and you’ll be able to start playing all your favorite online casino games on that same day.

Withdrawing money from your account and putting it back in your Moneta account is a similar process. Just login to your account and go to the Cashier where you can select to make a withdrawal with Moneta. Select the amount of money you wish to transfer, follow the simple instructions and you’ll have access to your money almost immediately.