Live French Roulette

When you play Live French Roulette you’ll be in for a spectacular gaming experience. You’ll feel like you’re strolling the streets of Paris when you play this version of the classic table game. The entire table is in a Parisian look-and-feel. The table is red, reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge cabaret shows, and everything is written in the language of love.

With Live French Roulette you go back to the roots of the game, as the game was born in France many many years ago. There have obviously been some advancements in the game, most notably the fact that you can now join a live table from your very own home! Using a webcam and a microphone players can connect to a live Roulette table with a real croupier and other players. This adds an incredible social aspect to a casino game. Roulette is made to be interactive and social so it is perfect for a live casino environment.

Live French Roulette Betting Options

The fact that this version is French Roulette means that the wheel has 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36. There is no double zero here like in the American version. The table itself has some unique bets and rules. These bets are known as call bets and include betting options like Finales en Plein, Finales a Cheval and Voisins du Zero.

Finales en Plein is a very popular betting option. Here is an example of how it works: you could bet using Finales en Plein 0 where you would place a bet on each of the numbers that end in 0 (0, 10, 20, and 30). If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you would win based on how much you bet. The same goes for numbers 1 to 6. Once you reach number 7, there would be only 3 bets you could place (7, 17, 27) as the wheel ends at 36.

Live French Roulette Rules

One of the rules specific to French Roulette is the La Partage rule. In Live French Roulette you’ll get to reap the benefits of this rule. Basically if you place an even money bet and the ball then lands on 0, part of your bet will be protected. You’ll only lose half your wager when this happens and not the full amount! This means that the house advantage is decreased a little, which is good news for you!

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