Online Live Dual Roulette

Live Dual Roulette gives you double the action and double the rewards! Play two Roulette games at our online casino simultaneously through one browser window. No need to switch from screen to screen at all.

Players give this version of the game a double thumbs up because not only does it give double the chance to win, but it also fills any idle time that may be experienced at any casino. So when you’re waiting for the other players at your virtual table to place their bets, you can place your own bets at your second wheel!

Live Dual Roulette Explained

With Live Dual Roulette, you get two wheels and two totally separate Roulette games that are running at the same time on one playing screen. It’s the best and most productive way to play! You’ve probably seen players running from slot machine to slot machine in a land-based casino, trying to keep up with two different games in one go. This version of Roulette does just this for you when you’re playing – it gives you the chance to double up your playing without any hassle.

This version is based on European Roulette, which means that it has only one 0 pocket on the wheel. The result is that European Roulette has a lower house edge than American Roulette, as American Roulette also has a 00 pocket on its wheel. So in this game, each of your wheels have 37 pockets in total (numbered 0-36) and follow the European Roulette rules.

Because your two games are completely independent you could win at one game while losing at the other, so it’s a great way to even things out. You could even win at both, meaning double the money! Just be aware that you have a time limit to place bets, which is another way to keep your pulse racing while you play.

More About Live Dual Roulette

Being a live game means that Live Dual Roulette connects you via webcam and high-speed connection to a real croupier who is sitting at an actual table. Nothing beats that feeling of a real Roulette table, not even the online computer-generated Roulette wheels. You’ll get to watch the croupier toss that little ball of luck onto the wheel before your very eyes. You’ll also get to enjoy the social element of live Roulette that you may have been missing in traditional online Roulette.

Live Dual Roulette and many other live casino games are awaiting you! Sign up today to claim your welcome bonus and join in all the action.