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There are a two ways you can experience online blackjack. You can play with an automated dealer or you can play with a live casino. If you go the automated route, you'll have a great time playing an imaginary, faceless, theoretical dealer; but if you choose to play online blackjack live, then you'll receive a heightened blackjack experience during which you will see your dealer and connect with the fact that you are playing against a real person. Many people prefer playing live blackjack because of the thrill they get from seeing their competition and from playing with real money in a real-time environment.

How Live Blackjack Works

Playing live blackjack couldn't be easier. In fact, you'll play in the exact same way that you play regular online blackjack. The only difference is that you'll be able to see the action as it takes place.'s live streaming video cameras enable you to "sit" at a live blackjack table and participate in a real game as it unfolds at one of our partner casinos.

You'll see the dealer deal the cards. You'll place your bet, play your hand, and then get a chance to see how the dealer's hand turns out. This won't be some imaginary dealer, but a physical person that's moving and talking to you directly on your screen!

Playing online live blackjack is just one tiny step short of playing live blackjack in an actual, physical casino. Some even find it preferable—after all, there's no better way to enjoy a game of blackjack than when you're relaxing in the comfort of your own home!

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Ready to get started? Open a real-money account, choose a live blackjack table, and begin playing the most exciting online blackjack games you've ever played—with a dealer who speaks to you and plays directly with you! You can also enjoy our other Live Casino games like Live Roulette, Live Casino Hold'em and Live Baccarat or Casino TV, the latest trend in remote gambling. As in online gambling, players can wager from the comfort of their homes. But the casino games are conducted on TV sets and not through the player’s laptop or home computer. Most of the popular casino games can be played on Live Casino TV and this includes roulette, blackjack and baccarat.