Play 2 Ways Royal Video Poker Online at India

2 Ways Royal Poker is another great version of your favourite online video poker game. You will instantly recognize the familiar game play and great cash prizes. But what makes this version so popular is its extra big payouts! We all love to cash in on a Royal Flush so what if I told you that there are now 2 hands that pay out at the rate of a royal flush? You will feel like a king when you play this royal video poker game, so log on today!

Increase Your Royalty with 2 Ways Royal Poker

Don your crown and grab your scepter, have a seat on your throne and get ready to bring home the royal treasures. Game play for 2 Ways Royal Poker is fairly straightforward. Begin by placing your bet of up to five coins and then press deal. The dealer will distribute your five-card hand face-up in front of you. Your objective is the make the highest paying 5-card hand possible based on the pay table above. In this great game one of the highest and most coveted hands is the Royal Flush, but what gives this game its name is the possibility to score the jackpot of the Royal Flush with a second hand, what is called the “Lo Royal Flush” which is a combination of the cards two through six in the same suit. Once you check out your 5-card hand, decide if you would like to replace any of the cards and hold the rest. The dealer will replace them with new cards from the deck and your hand will be tallied up and the best hand selected. One of the greatest features of video poker is that the system analyzes your hand for you and immediately notifies you of your winning hand and the accompanying pay out! Want to take your winnings further? Like some of the best video poker casino games out there, this game also features a doubling round! With each winning hand you will have the option to double or half-double your winnings by playing the gambling round. Select double to double your winnings or half-double to collect half and gamble on the rest by selecting of the 4 face-down cards the one that is higher than the dealer’s card. But play carefully because a wrong selection and you will lose it all!

Time to Play 2 Ways Royal Poker

Now that you know the rules, join us at India for a round of the video poker game that makes even the smallest cards worth royalty! When you sign up you will be entitled to an enormous welcome bonus of $400 (plus 200 free spins). Come play 2 Ways Royal Poker and all of our other fabulous video poker and online casino games at our online casino, the best casino on the internet!