Play Tequila Video Poker Online at India

Tequila Poker is the fairly new, popular video poker online game that combines two of the world’s greatest, most loved card games, blackjack and poker. Sit down at the game table and try your hand at this fast-paced, full-intensity casino games online card game with great payouts and loads of fun. Another unique feature of this card game is that your hand is only ranked against the odds; you are not competing with other players or the dealer. With each hand you have a choice to play the black jack variation called High Tequila or the poker variation called Tequila Poker. The only difference is in how the cards are tallied at the end, but game play is almost identical.

Enjoy Tequila Video Poker

Ready to take a shot? Take your place at the table and place your ante. You can select from the different chip values and click as many times as you would like to increase your ante. Now click deal and the dealer will produce four cards, face-up in the center of the table. Now is the fun part! Select from High Tequila or Tequila Poker on the buttons at the bottom of your screen. When you make your selection, your ante will automatically be doubled to form your bet value and the dealer will deal the remaining two cards. You always have the option to fold, but that’s no fun! High Tequila is the blackjack variation of this unique hybrid game where the objective is to create a five-card hand with the highest value possible with cards valued by blackjack standards (2=2, 3=3, J=10,Q=10, etc). If you have several high cards in your hand that do not seem to form a solid poker hand, this would be the the way to play. Once the final two cards are dealt, the five highest will be added up to create a hand value. A hand value of 46-48 is a push, while anything 49 and above wins 2-200 times the original bet! Think you might do better with Tequila Poker? In this variation, the idea is to create the best 5-card poker hand from the seven cards available. A pair of aces is a push and any hand of two pairs or higher awards a payout of 2-200 times the original bet. It is time to cash in and knock back a drink with Tequila Poker!

Play Tequila Poker

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