Play Red Dog Video Poker Online at India

Red Dog Poker is a challenging and fun variation of traditional video poker online games. Rather than creating a winning hand, your objective is to predict the outcome of the hand, betting on the spread of two cards dealt. Sound like fun? Because there are few rules, this easy and fun game moves fast and the winnings pile up quickly! This casino table game is played on an elegant green poker table with colorful chips and the fearsome Red Dog himself. Pull up a seat and let’s get started!

Winning with Red Dog Video Poker

Every dog has his day and today is yours! Join us for a game of Red Dog Poker at India today and start winning great cash prizes. To play this simple yet challenging card game, here is what you must do. Begin by placing a wager, as in all good casino games online, and the dealer will deal two cards face up with a space in between them. If the two cards are of the same value, that is they tie, the dealer immediately deals the third card. If all three cards are of the same value, the bank pays 11 to 1 on the original bet! Lucky dog! If the two cards are consecutive in value, ie four and five, the hand ends the all bets are “pushed” so that you neither win nor lose. But, if there is a split between the two cards, the game continues in its true spirit! A spread is the number of cards or values that fit between the two cards that are dealt. For example the spread of a three and ten is six because there are six other values that fit between those two cards. The spread is indicated by placing a marker on the payout chart on the table. You now have another opportunity to increase your winnings, if you are feeling confident that the third card dealt will be within the spread of the first two, you can raise your bet to double the initial wager or you can choose to call and the final card will be revealed. The payouts in this game are dependent on the odds for each spread and are displayed right on the table, so the highest winning is 5 to 1 for a spread of one. Ready to win big? Throw it to the dogs and get started with Red Dog Poker today!

Find Red Dog Video Poker

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Think again! This game is fun and fast and easy to learn, start in practice mode while you learn the ropes. Once you have figured it out, join us and collect your $400 welcome bonus (plus 200 free spins) and play all of our fantastic video poker games today. India is the largest online casino in India!