Play Pai Gow Video Poker Online at India

Pai Gow Video Poker is a great double-hand poker version of a classic Chinese dominoes game. Join us at India to try your hand at this fun game. Unlike traditional 5-card poker games, this one is played with seven cards in a hand. Cards come from a single 52-card deck which also includes one joker. Rather than battling against your tablemates, this game is played against the dealer who also holds a 7-card hand. While this game takes a few rounds to get used to, you will catch on quick and come to really love this fun poker game. Try it out today!

How to Win with Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker offers a game of strategy and challenge, but is still easy enough to play any time of day! Game play is somewhat unique compared to other video poker online games, but easy to learn. Start by placing a bet in the center of the table and watch the dealer deal your 7 cards. You will first see the 7 cards revealed in the order dealt but the system will quickly sort them for you with your winning combinations on the left side and the remaining cards in order. The objective to this game is to split your seven cards into a 5-card and 2-card hands. While both hands should be strong, the 5-card hand must outrank the 2-card hand or the “minor” hand. There is one joker per deck although despite its wild status, this joker can only stand in to complete a straight, a flush, or as an ace. Once the two hands have been split, the dealer reveals his seven cards and splits them into 2 hands. Each hand is now compared to the dealer’s individually. If both of your hands beat the dealer’s hands you win the bet! If one hand is won by the dealer and one by the player, the banker pushes and there is no win or loss. But if the dealer beats both of your hands you lose your bet so play wisely. You will quickly see why this fast-paced, double-hand poker game is becoming so popular!

Play Pai Gow Poker at India Today!

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