Play Joker Poker 50 Lines Video Poker Online at India

If you love the original Joker Poker, this variation is sure to make you smile! Joker Poker 50 Lines is all of the best of Joker Poker times 50! You get not only one line of poker but 50! And that means 50 times the opportunity to get a Joker and make a jackpot-winning hand! Join us today to play this fun poker game of strategy and delight.

Play Joker Poker 50 Lines

Are you in the mood for a screen full of Jokers? Now is your chance! Log on from your favorite device and gear up for a great game. When you first enter the site you will see your regular 5-card poker hand as well as 49 other smaller poker hands. You will also see the jubilant joker and the payout table. Place your bet and select Bet One or Max Bet before asking the dealer to deal your hands. Each of the 50 hands is dealt from its own deck of 52 cards and 1 joker. Now here is where the game gets interesting! On your main 5-card poker hand you must select which of the cards to hold and which to discard. But decide carefully because the same will be held in the other 49 hands as well. Fun! Now the dealer will complete each of the 50 hands and you will see what you have won! Payouts are based on a traditional poker hand pay table. The lowest winning hand is a pair of Kings, anything lower does now have a payout. But that is not all! Just like in the original Joker Poker every winning hands gives you a chance to double your winnings! Select Double from the pop up screen and select one of the four face-down cards to reveal a value higher than the revealed card. If you win your winning are doubled, otherwise you risk losing it all! If you are not feeling so daring you can select Half Double and keep half of your winnings while gambling the other half for a chance at doubling. Now it is your turn to throw the dice and see what the joker has in store for you!

Get Started with Joker Poker 50 Lines

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