Play Deuces Wild Video Poker Online at India

Deuces Wild Poker is a simple version of a classic that will keep you enthralled for hours! This game is fun and strategic all at once. Like all great poker games the objective is to score a great 5-card hand, but Deuces Wild Poker takes it to the next level by providing four wild cards per deck! The two can stand in for any card in this game and gives you more and more chances to cash in on the big jackpot. Are you ready to fill your pockets with easy money?

Deuces Wild Poker Game Features

Deuces Wild Poker features the same game play as most standard online video poker games. You can start in practice mode if you want to try it out, but you will have no problem jumping right in and playing for real money from the start! Begin by placing a bet. Bet one or up to five per hand, of course the more you wager the more you can win! Tell the dealer to deal and you will be ready to roll! Take a look at your 5-card hand and select which, if any, cards you would like to hold. The dealer will replace all other cards with new ones from the deck. Remember, all cards with a number two are wild and can stand in for any other card so be sure to keep those! With the next deal you will have your final hand and the computer will alert you to your winnings. In this great video poker game any hand with three of a kind or higher wins! Feeling lucky? Take your winnings to the next level by gambling them on a double or nothing round. Select double or half-double after a winning hand to gamble all or half of your winnings. The dealer will present you with a face-up card following by four face-down cards. Select a card that is higher in value than the dealers and you win! Select one that is lower and you lose it all! What if it is the same value? Then it is a push and you neither win nor lose. This is a great opportunity to really multiply your winnings fast!

Get Started Playing Deuces Wild Poker

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