Play All American Video Poker Online at India

All American Poker is a classic version of 5-card stud played against the dealer with a standard 52-card deck without jokers. What makes this game superior to its twin sister, Jacks or Better? All American has the same rules as Jacks or Better but offers a more competitive pay table with higher payouts! Feeling patriotic? Wave the red, white, and blue while you sit down for a winning game of All American Poker at India. The American dream can you yours with just a few rounds of this fantastic online video poker game available to you online all day, every day!

Learn How to Play All American Poker

Are you ready to play the game that brings you the fun of Jacks or Better but with a bigger bang for your buck? Join Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam for a round of All American Poker! To play this fast-paced video poker game you begin by placing a bet. You can click Bet One or Bet Max depending on how daring you are. Of course the more you bet, the more you will win. When you are happy with your bet click the Deal button and your 5-card poker hand will be revealed on the screen. Check out the pay table displayed in colorful graphics to decide which hand to aim for. You will notice that a straight flush, straight, and flush have higher payouts than usual in this fabulous rendition of poker. Select how many cards you would like to hold and then the dealer will replace the remaining cards with new ones. The software automatically detects your best hand and displays it on the screen with your winnings! Now you have an option to win even more! Select the Double Up option on the bottom of the screen to gamble with your winnings. From the next screen you will select a color or a suit and see if it matches the next dealt card. A correct color match pays double and a correct suit match pays four times your original winnings! Let the eagle soar with this patriotic game of cards and cash!

Find All American Poker at India

Take a seat at your favourite desktop or mobile device and get ready to let freedom ring! With All American Poker at our online casino you are sure to have a great time while filling your pockets with big dollars. Savor all of the riches that the sweet land of liberty has to offer you. Try this fun game for free with practice mode and then switch over to real play when you are ready to win cold, hard cash! Find all of the best video poker, roulette, slots and other online casino games all in one place at the world’s best online casino.