Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online at India

4 Line Deuces Wild Poker is a great version of the classic video poker game with two really amazing features. Aside from the great sounds effects and visual effects you have come to expect from the internet’s leading casino, this game offers more ways to win and raise your jackpot! In this great game all twos are wild so it is easier than ever to create a winning hand. But it gets better because each deal brings you not just one, but four chances to win the jackpot! As the name indicates, this game has four hands per round which means you can win up to 4 times each round! Let’s get started!

How to Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Poker

With great features and familiar game play you can jump right in to this great online video poker game! Start by placing your bet and pressing Deal. The dealer will deal 4 hands from 4 unique decks of cards and you have the option to hold cards you would like to keep which the remaining cards are re-dealt from the deck. Because this game features 4 lines rather than one, the same cards selected on the main 5-card hand will be held throughout the other 3 lines. Did you get a two? Be sure to hold it because it is wild and can stand in for any other card value! Now have the dealer replace the unselected cards and let’s see what kind of winnings are in store! Any hand with three of a kind or higher wins and with four lines and a option to bet up to 5 times per hand, that’s 20 times the winnings per round!

Want to win even more? This fun game also features a doubling round! With each winning hand you can gamble your winnings to double or half-double them. Select a card that is higher than the dealer’s and your winnings will add up. You will have another chance to gamble with each winning round! Keep you lucky charm close by because this will happen often in this game of huge opportunities. But choose wisely because a wrong move and you could lose it all!

Let’s Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Poker

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