Play 10's or Better Poker Online at India

We all know and love the classic game of poker called Jacks or Better Poker, but this variation takes it one step further! 10's or Better Poker is full of everything you would expect from a great poker game plus the great graphics and sound effects you only get with a great online video poker game. But what makes this game even better is that the lowest winning hand is a pair or 10's. You will quickly come to love this great variation on a theme, so join us today at our online casino!

Want to Get Better at Playing 10's or Better Poker?

Game play for 10's or Better Poker is just what you would expect! Start by placing your bet which could be as little as one or as much as 5 and click the deal button. The dealer will deal you a 5-card hand from a single deck and you will have a chance to hold or discard these cards. Unlike many table poker casino games, this version of video poker is not played against other players but rather the dealer. Once you have discarded up to five of your cards, the dealer will replace them with new cards from the same deck. Did you win? Lucky you! Want to take it to the next level. With each winning hand you will have the option to gamble your winnings for a chance to double the payout. Select double and the round will begin. In order to double your payout you must outrank the dealer. The dealer will reveal one card followed by 4 face-down cards. You must select a card that is higher than the dealer’s card or risk losing it all. If you win, you will get another chance to double your earnings, that’s four times your initial payout! Keep doubling and watch the cash pile up! With great features and fun game play you will come to love this version of video poker in no time. The time is right, so log on today and get started. The ten just might be your lucky number!

Play 10's or Better Poker

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