Play Wu Long Slots Online at India

Happy New Years! Not January first yet? That’s ok because this game is featuring the Chinese New Year celebration, and it’s going on at Casino Online India all year long! Load up Wu Long, the slots online machine that revels in this joyous occasion, join in the festivities, and have a blast betting on the reels and making some cash on the side. There’s so much going on, you might not even know where to begin. Follow us for fun and profit fast!

Wu Long Design Elements

Wu Long has lots of exciting features to look at, but first, you won’t be able to overlook the inviting colours and sights that appear before your eyes. The fireworks are crackling above in the sky, the music is loud and energetic, and all of the reel elements have a particular theme running throughout them; we’re having a party! The icons that appear during these rounds will enforce this concept, since they all have to do with having a good time. Find items such as dancing girls in traditional gowns, musical instruments like the fast beating drums and bold cymbals, and Chinese lanterns, of course. The ace, king, queen and jacks are all written in a distinctly Oriental font as well.

Wu Long Bonus Prizes

Enjoy some amazing bonus online casino games action when you play these slots. Get five of the pagodas, and you earn 2500 times your wager! That is a colossal win no matter what you’ve put down. Wu Long has some great technical aspects as well. There is the turbo mode, a chance to play this exciting online slots option at an even faster pace! There is also an auto play mode, which is exciting in and of itself. This effect lets you play out each round automatically, without having to stop to put in your wager and press spin after each round. The machine will go through these motions for you. You can choose a specific number or opt to let it go Until Feature. The game will then spin out until it reaches the main attraction.

Speaking of the main attraction, the Dragons Free Game element is the highlight of this show. If you get three dragon symbols, you can open up this level. When that happens, 12 free spins are marked on the screen, and the reels will start spinning. Each time the dragon appears on the screen, your multiplier will increase. Bounce from one to two to four and even six times the bet to rake in some hefty earnings! Want more freebies? Every time you get two or more of the dragons, you will receive even more free spins! By the time you are done, you can have amassed a haul that is well into the thousands, so get busy with Wu Long today!