Play Wild Viking Slots Online at India

You can’t get too much more excitement than you will have when you sit around a table and play Wild Viking. That’s because it brings together two of the most thrilling gambling options known to mankind. When you sit in on a hand of this card game, you are in essence playing both Roulette and Poker, so you are guaranteed to have a blast! Ready for some wild fun that only an online casino game like this can offer you? Then load up the Wild Viking card extravaganza from Casino Online India now, and get busy having the time of your life!

Wild Viking Betting Options

Wild Viking Slots Online is a betting game through and through. The whole beauty of it is that there are so many different kinds of bets that you can place. For starters, you’ll notice that the betting area is spread out before you just like it is in Roulette. If you have ever participated in one of those wheeling deals, then you’ll be aware of how the betting works here as well. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a simple thing. You click on the area of the board to place a chip down on that wager. You can put down several chips on one area, a single chip or multiple chips on multiple areas or one chip on one space, whatever makes you happy. Word to the wise, though, keep an eye on your bankroll, and study the betting options before you make any major decisions. If you aren’t familiar with your choices, then here is a short version:

  • Central bets, you can bet on single numbers, and other very specific wagers.
  • Bottom bets, you can bet on jokers, odds, evens etc.
  • Top bets are made to guess at the kind of hand that will come out.
  • Poker hand bets are similar to the one above but include all the ones that are missing from that set.

How to Play Wild Viking

Once you’ve placed your bets, the game can begin. Now here is where the Poker aspect comes into play. You are trying to make the best hand out of the five cards that you are dealt (sound familiar?) The hand rankings go according to a standard five-card Poker game, so you are looking for things like four of a kind, Royal Flush, Full House, and the like. Play out your hand, and see where the cards take you! One other thing that is a real clincher for any true blood punter, Wild Viking is a progressive jackpot play. That means that even while you sit around pondering your cards, there is money going into the pot, and that pot might just end up in your hands tonight! If you manage a Royal Flush, a hand with two jokers on either side of an increasing set of three (from ace to ten), the giant kitty is all yours, and we aren’t talking about a feline here!