Play Wild Spirit Slots Online at India

Wild Spirit is a game that connects the impulsive gambler side of you with the natural pulse of the world side that is hidden deep within. The imagery in this game is beautiful, and the prize payouts are not too shabby either. If you are ready to say hello to a deeper element within you, then load up this alluring version, and take a journey right away.

Wild Spirit Setup

The Wild Spirit slots online are designed to depict a native American setting. The mountains that flank the logo of the game are burnt orange and rustic brown tones; the royal suite – the aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines – are adorned with traditional bandanas, there are elegant steeds and noble eagles, and even the musical accompaniment is befitting of an ancient, spiritual ritual. The bonus symbol is an Indian chieftain, and the scatter symbol is an exotic beauty from one of the tribes out west.

Wild Spirit Bonus Feature

All of the symbols will pay according to the chart that is provided when they appear in a winning combination. Some symbols pay out more than others do, though. When the chieftain appears on the first and last reel, you will be awarded a bonus round. Here, the aged member sits to the side of a complicated grid of symbols. These pictures will, no doubt, be foreign to you. Fortunately, though, you aren’t being asked to read them. All you have to do is pick from the colourful hieroglyphics to choose a prize of your own. Some of the symbols will contain free spins, while others will hold multipliers. Still more symbols will have a magic icon, something that rewards you with more picks. Finally, if you manage to get a bonus win while the free spins are rolling, you’ll get an extra eight spins for this fun combo.

Wild Spirit Gamble Feature

Fancy yourself enlightened? Then maybe you’ll be able to divine the answer to the next gambling proposition at Casino Online India. When you win a round, you are given the choice to double up on your earnings. If you say yes, you will enter the Gamble mode. Here you have the option to double all or half of your earnings. There are five cards on the screen; some are higher and some are lower than the revealed card to the leftmost of the row. If you can choose a card with a greater face value than the revealed one, you will win the amount you selected previously.

Wild Spirit has plenty of features that make it hard to remember that technology is not the only driving force in the world! You can enjoy the convenience of auto play by typing in how many rounds you want to automate. Then sit back and have fun! Choose the number of lines, the amount of wager and more when you start clicking these buttons, so get ready for some online casino games action.