Play Rome & Glory Slots Online at India

Hardly a whisper outside of the history books any more, Rome was once the leading power that ruled over most of the known world. Before its fall, this nation enjoyed great success, and the effects of that lifestyle have even left marks on today’s society. In the online slots machine called Rome & Glory, we see a wonderful depiction of this epic era in history. If you enjoy partaking in a slice from the past pie, then you’ll love playing this well-designed game at Online Casino India. Load it up, and see if you can be one of the great heroes of the Roman legends today!

Rome & Glory Setup

Rome & Glory is a smooth and crisply coloured screen with all of the royal prosperity symbolized on the board. The large Corinthian pillars, the golden gilded words and the fresh, clean white backdrop create the perfect setting for an online casino games gala event. There are twenty different paylines that you can activate, and each one is clearly defined on the pay table. It can be confusing to follow the lines of action if you aren’t familiar with the squiggles, juts and dives. That is why it is a good idea to review this chart before you play. It will give you a much stronger sense of what is going on when the images start appearing on the reels. You’ll be able to better understand when a win is a win and why.

Rome & Glory Pay Chart

Let’s look at the pay chart for a minute to clear things up. There is a whole line up of lavish iconery. From plush chariots made up in vivid red and brilliant gold to noble scepters, from wine-filled goblets to luscious green grapes, the reels of Rome & Glory celebrate the opulence, wealth and power that was wielded by the Roman emperors in days gone by. While you can make up to 750 coins for some of the combinations, these symbols do not hold a candle to the more impressive ones. The beautiful empress delivers 2000 coins when five of her appear on the screen. Even more exciting, the Caesar like impression will reward you with 5000 for your faithfulness if you get five of these icons. Finally, the Coliseum is the scatter symbol, and this ancient architecture is as lively as ever. Three or more of these symbols gives you ten free spins. During the free rounds, you’ll be granted a mystery scatter, meaning there is no telling which symbol will randomly turn into a scatter symbol with the same scatter-like potential and capabilities! It’s a thrilling feature to behold.

The other thing to seek out is the gamble feature. Five cards are lined up on the screen. You can double or half double your winnings by choosing a higher card value than the one that appears on the screen. Good luck!