Play Mr. Cashback Slots Online at India

Even if you love the thrill and entertainment value of all of our standard online slots machines, throwing in a new feature now and again always makes things even more interesting than before. That is the premise behind the innovative specialty feature that Mr. Cashback has to offer. Well, that and the idea that everybody hates losing. To make that loss just a little more palatable, we’ve come up with a brilliant solution. The hard part of losing is that you are decreasing your bankroll with every let down, but what if that weren’t the case? What if the money wasn’t being deducted from your account at all? Then you certainly wouldn’t feel the sting in the same way, right? Well, now you can enjoy the perks of playing at Online Casino India because that is exactly what we’re offering! Read on to hear more about this unique feature that is making everyone pile in for some more action.

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Mr. Cashback – How The Cash Back Feature Works

Mr. Cashback is a generous sort of guy. He wants you to have fun while you are visiting our online casino, and that is why he has created his game with a stipulation. The condition goes like this:

  • Play all the rounds of this slots machine you want – just let go, and really have fun.
  • If, after 50 rounds, a single payline has not proven fruitful even once, Mr. Cashback will hand you 50 times your line bet. Essentially, you are earning back all of the money that you lost from each of those losing rounds in one fell swoop!
  • There are a few more amazing things about this feature. For one thing, the system will automatically save your progress in a game, so even if you leave the game for a little while, when you return, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits from previous losses!
  • Another thing to realize is that this only works if you retain the same line bet consistently. If you change your line bet, the count starts all over.
  • Cash back line calculations are made on a per line basis. Each of the active paylines count individually. If you de-activate a line for a few rounds, the count will be saved and continue from where you left off the next time you activate it.

More Freebies From Mr. Cashback

While this is an incredible opportunity, you wouldn’t believe, but this game has even more to offer. Three logos on the screen bring you to the free games mode. Here you get 12 gratis spins, and everything that you win will be doubled, just for fun! Free spins are peppered with freezing wilds, which will stick around for a while, so enjoy these beneficial symbols as they create bigger, better winning online casino games combos for you.