Play Lotto Madness Slots Online at India

Winning the lottery is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. The thought of receiving all of that money in an instant just because you picked a few good numbers is something beyond our wildest imaginings. And yet, people win the lottery all of the time at our online casino India! What they say is true, though, you can only win if you buy a ticket, and that is always the step that trips people up. Well, now you can have all of the fun, suspense and euphoria of an actual lotto game without having to go out and buy a ticket. How? Just play Lotto Madness, and watch those lucky numbers roll over to you!

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Everything You Need to Know About Lotto Madness

Lotto Madness is a 20-line online slots machine with a fun and frenzied style of playing. All of the reel icons symbolize events or the usual images you would relate to a lottery, and the design and sounds that surround the board all contribute to the atmosphere of winning big. For example, the wild card is actually a wild card. It’s a bingo-type card with the word wild at the top. This symbol stands in for other images when they’re running short of a full match. You can also use it to collect larger prizes for bigger strings of matching icons. The bonus symbol is a wheel of fortune, continuing this fun theme. If you get these wheels on the first and last reels, you’ll start the bonus round, which we’ll expound upon in just a bit.

The scatter symbol is a dollar sign, and that is good news for you. After all, isn’t that what you want to be seeing when you play the lotto? Scatter payments are made by multiplying the total bet with the number that corresponds to that amount of symbols you find. You’ve also got some whimsical reel images like champagne glasses, stacks of greenbacks, and an enthusiastic gamer who is giving you the thumbs up. The colorful snooker balls aren’t as lucrative as the other items on the list, but they will still pay out handsomely if you play your cards right.

Lotto Madness Bonus Features

We mentioned the Lotto Madness bonus round before. If you manage this level, you’ll be brought to a screen with a game show host and his lovely assistant standing next to a wheel. Spin the wheel to collect one of the prizes like five times multiplier with your five freebie games. Lotto Madness has another amazing feature called the Dollar Ball option. This online casino games feature allows you to pick random numbers for bigger payouts when they appear on the screen. You can see the Dollar Ball pay table on the regular pay table. Match up five numbers, and you’ll collect the entire mounting jackpot that comes along with this game!