Play Football Fans Slots Online at India

As a rule, we’re not allowed to show favoritism towards any of the casino games, but when it comes to a few of them, well, there’s just no holding back the fondness. After all, the beer, the babes, and all the team spirit, who wouldn’t rank Football Fans at the top of their list? The stands are packed, the fans are waving their team colors, and everyone is bursting at the seams, so let’s get this party started at our online casino!

Real Football Fans Fun & Perks

Football Fans is one of the best made sport’s themed Online Slots games out there, and there is just no denying it. To begin your plunge into full on comraderie, you can select your team’s colors. Choose one of the countries from the drop down menu, and the entire screen will explode in a fanfare of patriotic bliss. Each of the poker suite symbols will be adorned in the colors of the team, showing the world who’s the boss! Next up, you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds that you usually get when attending a live match. There are froth-topped cups of beer free-flowing, air horns blaring with every victorious score, and some bodacious babes in their brilliant getup that is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the game. Don’t forget about the true blue Football Fans who have painted their faces dyed their hair and gone all out to show their own team spirit. Gotta love ‘em.

Football Fans Bonuses

How about grabbing yourself a nice cold one? Well, when you play the Grab a Beer feature, that’s just what you can do. In fact, you’ll be financing quite a number of rounds if you hit this jackpot because it’s going to payout beautifully. All you have to do is click on any random spot on the reels before the game starts. This will place a ring around that square, which will remain there unless you specify otherwise. When the icons start spinning, you keep your fingers crossed for that beer. If it appears in the hole, you win three times your total bet! That’s enough to buy a round on the house and then some!

True Football Fans will really enjoy the wild symbol for this game. It is a football that is trailing fire behind it, as it rockets into orbit! What’s even more entertaining than this already well-played graphic is the fact that you can use this symbol to substitute for any other icon on the board (saving the scatter symbol.) When the wild ball fills in for other symbols, it makes it worlds easier to score a win, so enjoy the freebie! Speaking of freebies, if you manage three, four or five scatter symbols, that’s the game logo by the way, you get ten free spins to enjoy! What a sport!