Play Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Slots Online at India

If Daring Dave looks a little familiar, then you are probably having some flashbacks to the classic Harrison Ford played role of the Temple of Doom adventurer. It’s not really surprising, considering the fact that he has the same build, style, and look about him. Heck, they even stole his signature hat. Well, somebody wanted you to feel like you were running along side the one and only Indiana Jones when playing this game, and that’s just what you will do, so load up the Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra online slots now, and begin the greatest adventure of your life!

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Symbols & Icons

Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra is not your typical slots machine at our online casino. It’s loaded up with some of the oddest characters you’re likely to ever see on five reels (unless you are playing Cowboys & Aliens – then, anything goes!) From bird-headed gods to deities with dogs a top their bodies, you aren’t going to know what hit you, but you’ll be wishing that these shapes get it together on the reels to score you a win. The specialty items include a wild, a scatter and a bonus symbol. The wild is the main character, Mr. Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra himself. He has a nifty trick of expanding on the second, third and fourth reels for more wild action. Then the scatter symbol is, of course, the eye of Ra. Watch this bejeweled image sparkle as you line up three or more for the cash. We’ve left the best for last, though, the bonus symbol is a pyramid, and we’ll tell you all about it below.

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Bonus Round

Anyone can see from a moment of playing this game that the most appealing feature of all is the bonus round. It’s called The Quest For The Eye of Ra Bonus round, and it is not a simple feat. In fact, you must go through three grueling tasks, each one more terrifying than the last in order to gain entrance to the great throne room where you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. All right, this is a bit of a dramatization, but the bonus round is a lot of fun, and, if you are into solving puzzles, then it is particularly so. Each of the levels will give you a puzzle that you have to crack. Once you’ve figured it out, you can advance to the next level. Something neat that you’ll notice is that the system automatically saves your progress, meaning you don’t have to start all over again from level one each time you trigger the bonus feature.

Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra may be a cover for Dr. Henry Walton, but, quite frankly, he does a damn good job! So hurry in, and start the casino games online adventure.