Play Chinese Kitchen Online at India

When you don’t have time or patience to cook, it’s always an easy solution to just order in some takeout. One place we highly recommend you try is the Chinese Kitchen, not for its gourmet menu but because it will deliver a truckload of fun and maybe even some cash to finance your next order-in dinner. If you enjoy slots machines as much as we do, then you are going to devour this one for sure. Watch the reels spin out of control, and get a kick out of all of the amusing characters. This is what we call some fast food!

Chinese Kitchen Icons

Chinese Kitchen is not your typical buffet, to be sure. They’re serving up some unusual dishes, but the prize payouts that are attached to them more than make up for the eccentric cooking style. Even for a slots machine, this one is unique. For starters, there are nine paylines, an unusual combination of simplicity and multiplicity. Then there are the icons; each picture is an animated “food” source with loads of personality drawn in. Check out the moody fish gills, the roaving caterpillars, the crabby crabs and the lazy turtles as they crawl across the reels (al dante?)

This type of cooking might not be your idea of fine dining, but each item on the menu will certainly stir your appetite in a slightly different way. Take the grumpy frog for example. If you find three of him on the reels in the right order, you will receive 100 units for your bet. That’s a good payout if ever we saw one! The crab is a singular icon because you only need to find one of him to start collecting your winnings. Just one will deliver double your wager, but two will up it to ten times and three will give you a staggering 200! Escargot also has a 200 times price tag, but the piece de resistance is the turtle. They say slow and steady wins the race, and that’s definitely the case with this tortoise. He’s giving away 1000 times your line bet when you find three of him on the screen!

How to Play Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Kitchen plays like most other online slots that you’ll find at our online casino in India. You choose how many and which paylines you want to open for the game, and then you pick a wager amount. Remember to calculate the total amount you are betting for that round so you aren’t hit with a surprise as the reels start spinning. The way to figure out how much you’re putting down on the round is to multiply the number of lines open by the wager amount. Five units times five lines is 25 units for the round. If you aren’t a match guy, it’s fine; the system will do it for you. Now just press spin, and collect your online casino games winnings according to the icons that appear.