Play 8 Ball Slots Online at India

When is the last time that you played a good game of Snooker? Between life, job and friends, it’s probably been awhile. Well, you’ll be glad to know that the green table of Pool is waiting for you in this colourful online slots game, 8 Ball Slots. Now you have the chance to play snooker and make money off of it at the same time. Like those odds? Then grab some chalk, and make your first call!

Life is so busy and it’s got way too much complication most of the time. Why would anyone want to add on more complexities if they don’t have to? If you are on the same wave length and don’t like to complicate things, then this game is just right for you. It has only three reels and one payline; easy, breezy! At the same time, you can still enjoy great graphic effects and sounds that will make you feel like you are playing in a real pool game. This classic online casino games version will also be perfect for you if you like traditional Vegas machines.

8 Ball Slots is a fun slots machine to play and very easy to get started. Click the Spin button, and watch the round begin as the balls start rolling. Match the symbols to fill your account with cash! Maximum wager per line is two credits. Three matching numbers across the payline win you cash.

Win the 8 Ball Slots Jackpot

There are 17 winning combinations at this game. It doesn’t matter whether you've matched striped or solid balls, you get paid anyway. Just as in the real pool game, the black ball with the number 8 on it is your main target. Three 8 Ball symbols will grant you the top jackpot which is 2000 credits.

Besides the 8 Number Ball, the higher the number of your winning combination, the larger your prize will be. Three 15 or 14 Ball symbols are worth 100 or 200 credits, depending on your wager. There are no bonus rounds, special symbols or complicated rules, but you can always enjoy the Autoplay feature and watch the balls spin by themselves. You can walk away to do whatever you like, and then come back to see your account filled with cash prizes.

Enjoy 8 Ball Slots at India

You do not need to leave home to enjoy pool and win cash from it. You can start for free just to get practice before you start playing with real cash. Place the maximum bet coin to have a chance at the top jackpot. Play some pool, find those 8 Ball symbols and collect your cash prizes. You can start playing right now at our online casino, claim your Welcome Bonus and let the games begin. Just spin and win!