Play Video Roulette Online at India

We know we have raved about a lot of games before on this forum, and that is because we really host a lot of amazing online casino games! Even with our outstanding assortment of options, though, few would be able to hold a candle to the newest edition that really makes everything else shy away in embarrassment. It’s called Video Roulette, and it takes all of the coolest features, aspects and technological advancements of other games, and rolls them all up into one spectacular arrangement. The results are epic, and it is something that you are going to kick yourself for not trying sooner!

Video Roulette Display

So what’s all the hype about Video Online Roulette? Well, just looking at the screen, you can see that there are a boatload of options you can take advantage of. Half of them, you might not even be aware existed in the realm of Roulette, and the other half you might not know how to use. We’ll run through some of the more terrific ones, and you can have fun tackle the other ones at your leisure.

Awesome Video Roulette Features

  • La Partage: The La Partage is a unique rule that actually plays to the player’s favour for a change. It will give you back a portion of your money if you lose under certain circumstances. Play to find out more.
  • History: The history will track your previous games and show you what’s been going on. Specifically, it shows you which numbers have won and lost.
  • Special: The Special section is loaded up with a ton of cool features. You can turn on or off things like Red Splits, Finale Cheval Plein, Les Vousins Du Zero and other unusual bets that you might not even know are out there. If you don’t know a thing about these wagers, you should do yourself a favour and get better acquainted. You will actually be opening up a whole new level of excitement and challenge to your gambling session.
  • Heat Map: The heat map works along with the hot and cold sections that you’ll see below this feature. What the heat map does is track the last few rounds, so you can see what has been going on. Now this might sound familiar, sort of like the history we just talked about. It has another feature, though, that makes it absolutely brilliant. The heat map will highlight the hot spots on the screen that have been doing well lately. When this happens, you can see clearly which areas are hot and which are not. This way, you can decide which numbers or areas you want o place wagers on, given this new information.

Impressed? You should be because Video Roulette is downright brilliant, so start playing, signup to Casino Online India, and get ready to be amazed!