Play Premium Roulette Pro Online at India

At Online Casino India, we offer a whole lot of Online Roulette action, but few stand up to the major excitement that players feel when participating at our Premium Pro Roulette tables. If you are looking for a new kind of thrill that will give you a new way to test your skills, then this is the option for you. Let’s take a closer look, and see why the Premium version has earned its title so well.

Premium Roulette Pro – A Real Challenge

Do you like the thrill that comes from making a major bet during a heated game? If you are the kind of player that really gets a rise out of seeing big numbers appear on the screen, then the Premium Pro Roulette online casino games are for you. You see, anyone can play Roulette for pittance since it doesn’t require any sort of skill to put down a few pennies on a whim. If you win, great, and if you don’t, it’s no major loss, so there’s no worry. It’s fairly simple logic, but it definitely lacks the kind of charge that some of our players are pining for. The real challenge comes from playing with big money and making that system work just as well. Want to test your skills to see if you are able to work under the pressure of higher bets and bigger competition? Take this wheel for a spin, and see how you do!

Premium Roulette Pro As You Like It

Premium Pro Roulette plays a lot like the regular European Roulette, but there are some things that make it different from the others. The betting stage, the spinning wheel and the automatic calculations are all the same as usual. The differences include what kind of rounds you can play. Below, we have listed the three options that are available during these spins:

  • Standard Mode: This is your typical game of Roulette. You make the wagers at your leisure, you watch the wheel spin, and you enjoy your winnings all on your own.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Alternatively, you can play this game with other players at the same time. Sometimes, it can be even more exciting to have a competitor betting on the same outcome as you, even if you aren’t betting against each other. If you are looking to add some fuel to your fire, then opt for a multiplayer game; we’re sure you’ll have a ton of fun!
  • Private Mode: Finally, you can enjoy the interaction and the pressure of a multiplayer game with the added bonus of playing alongside your friends. When you choose Private Mode, you can create your own private group of players to play with. That means, you can invite friends or other online punters you have met along the way to your game, and close it off to other members for a more intimate session of roulette fun.