Play Premium European Roulette Online at India

Wondering how you can increase the fun that you are already having from playing our classic European Roulette game? That’s easy; get in on a Premium European Roulette! This version holds all the great elements of regular roulette that you have come to enjoy from playing at our online casino, but it adds the further element of a premium game. What does this entail, and how will it affect your gambling session? Let’s find out!

Premium European Roulette – Something Really Exciting!

Premium European Roulette, as well as all of the premium casino games online that we feature from our gaming lobby, give the more serious players a chance to make things a little more interesting. These games are catered to our VIP members, and that means, these are the players who really take their gambling to heart. You won’t find any flimsy bets being placed on these tables; only the hardcore players putting down impressive wagers are welcome here! This makes for an intense and ever more exciting session, and if you are in the mood for something that is even more than you are used to, then this is the game for you. Here are a few more details to let you get an idea of what is going on during these rounds.

How to Play Premium European Roulette

Premium European Online Roulette actually plays similarly to the standard version. You can watch the wheel as it spins around after making your usual wagers (or, in this case, putting down a slightly higher wager since you are playing with the big dogs on these tables.) The only difference is in the pay table. If you like to know the nitty gritty details of your game, then you can take a look at the pay table. Do this by moving your cursor over the grey box that shows the min or max betting limits for this game. When you do this, the pay table will pop up, and you can see how each of the wagers will pay out if you get it. For example, even or odd bets pay out one to one, columns and dozens pay out two to one and a straight up win will pay out a tremendous 35 to 1! Check out all of the payouts so that you know exactly what is coming to you when you win at Premium European Roulette.

Like what you are hearing? Ready to dive into the deep end and take off those safety wings at Casino Online India? Want a bigger piece of the pie and more intense action than ever before? Then you are all set for a session of Premium European Roulette! Play a few rounds on the free mode just to get used to the new, higher standards. Then brace yourself for the impact, and catapult yourself to the next level!