Play Premium American Roulette Online at India

Premium American Roulette has taken the already exciting version of American Roulette and turned up the volume even more! You want a thrilling challenge that will keep you at the edge of your seat until you close down for the night? Then opt for this one, and you won’t be disappointed.

Premium American Roulette For Professionals Only

Premium American Roulette is the American Roulette version for the pros. It gives all the upper echelon players a chance to rub elbows, compare wallet sizes and walk around with their noses up in the air. All kidding aside, though, this is the place where you will see some serious bets taking place. If you have the stomach for higher wagers, faster paces, and some intense gambling action, then this is a good place to start!

Back to The Basics of Premium American Roulette

Never actually played online roulette before? That’s ok. There is no shame in being a beginner; there is a shame in not taking the time to learn all there is to know about a game, though. So let’s take a closer look at what is going on on this board so you can play like a pro even from the start at our online casino.

  • Chips: You have six different chip values to play with, each with its own colour coordination for clarity’s sake. You can choose to play with .01, .1, .5, 1, 5, or 10 value chips. If you are new around these parts, then we would recommend starting with the smallest amount as possible. This is because there is no sense in wasting your bankroll while you learn the rules and try out new concepts. For that matter, you can play our free mode on the basic level and get really good without spending a thing. Now that you know what these chips are, you can start to use them. You have to place chips down on the layout part of the screen in order to make things happen. After you have chosen which denomination you want to play with, click on the area of the board that you want to bet on. This is an entirely other chapter in the learning how to play roulette rule book, so you would be well-advised to learn about betting strategies and what it means to combine and cover the board with your bets.
  • Layout: This is the flat part of the board with all the numbers on it. It is where you are going to place your bets for playing.
  • Wheel: The wheel is where the fates will be determined. Find out what number is the winner when the wheel stops!

Premium American Roulette is a game for the more developed gambler, so you might want to start off smaller, and work your way up. Have fun with all the different variations of online casino games we host, and never have a boring weekend again!